L.A. Times reviews Betty Boop Volume 1

'L.A. Times reviews Betty Boop Volume 1'


Decades later, Betty Boop is still hard to resist.

By Sheri Linden

A Second Look: The animated Jazz Age baby is boop-oop-a-dooping back into filmgoers’ radar with ‘The Essential Collection, Volume 1,’ the first in a projected four-volume compilation of ‘toons.

It’s not a new phenomenon, but it does appear to be on the rise: the exasperating vocal inflection known as the sexy-baby voice. Tina Fey focused her comic rage at it in an episode of “30 Rock.” Lake Bell takes a somewhat more compassionate aim in her new movie, “In a World…” But whatever the proper response to this affectation of today’s seemingly grown women, it would be wrong to consider them descendants of the distinctive-voiced cartoon siren Betty Boop. (read more at LA Times.)

Available now on BD and DVD.

August 30, 2013

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