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'Buy an apple for Teachers Appreciation Day… Or, a copy of “Teachers”'

Celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Day this May 5th by picking up a copy of Teachers, a satirical, dramatic and absurdly comic look inside the life of the modern day teacher. Nick Nolte stars as a once idealistic teacher who is now a burned out shell of his former self. But life isn’t all bad. He’s eventually … Continue reading Buy an apple for Teachers Appreciation Day… Or, a copy of “Teachers”

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April 30, 2015

'Freshman directing efforts prove a treat for the viewer'

Pick up these films, which are a showcase for first-time directors & stars Jodie Foster and Robert Townsend when Olive Films releases Little Man Tate and Hollywood Shuffle on DVD and Blu-ray. Jodie Foster (Taxi Driver, Contact) makes her directorial debut with Little Man Tate in which she stars alongside Dianne Wiest (Hannah and Her … Continue reading Freshman directing efforts prove a treat for the viewer

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April 28, 2015

'ROAR charges into theaters'

Produced over the course of ten years, Roar is an audacious cinematic experiment: a thriller showcasing the majesty and ferocity of African lions, filmed on location amidst dozens of actual untrained cats. Photographed by Jan De Bont (d.p. of Die Hard and director of Speed), the result is a spectacular achievement—though often terrifying to watch—as actors (not stunt men) flee, … Continue reading ROAR charges into theaters

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April 24, 2015

'April (showers) brings (May flowers and) a “Blue Sky”'

Jessica Lang (Frances, Tootsie, TV’s American Horror Story) would take home the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance as the sultry, seductive and high-strung wife of Tommy Lee Jones in Tony Richardson’s (Tom Jones, The Border) final film, Blue Sky. Rounding out the cast is Powers Boothe (Tombstone, Sin City) and Carrie Snodgress (The Fury). The … Continue reading April (showers) brings (May flowers and) a “Blue Sky”

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April 21, 2015

'Tax Day Flicks: Find Your April 15 Pick-Me-Ups'

April 15th is Tax Day — not ‘tax your mind day!’ Plop yourself down on the couch and pop in the following feel-good films from Olive Films. Irreconcilable Differences In this bittersweet comedy, aspiring writers Albert (Ryan O’Neal) and Lucy (Shelley Long) meet on a rainy night and fall head-over-heels for each other. Happily married … Continue reading Tax Day Flicks: Find Your April 15 Pick-Me-Ups

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April 2, 2015


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