February 2017 New Releases: Best Deals

'February 2017 New Releases: Best Deals'

Adventure, excitement, and drama abound in our selection of new titles for this February! We have a piece of endearing 80s camp, an under-appreciated serial, a heartwarming modern drama, and some hard-to-find favorites.

You may notice that some of today’s releases are out of stock in some places. If you’ve been having difficulties ordering our product from some online retailers, all should be back to normal soon. Remember: you can always order it directly from us– we’re not out of stock on any titles!

So, we’ve compiled this guide to help you find not only where our new releases are in stock, but where they’re in stock for the best prices.


King Solomon’s Mines Blu-ray: $17.99
King Solomon’s Mines DVD: $8.99


Panther Girl of the Kongo Blu-ray: $17.99
Panther Girl of the Kongo DVD: $8.99


Evelyn Blu-ray: $12.99
Evelyn DVD: $8.99


The Klansman Blu-ray: $12.99
The Klansman DVD: $5.99


The Last Best Year DVD: $8.99


Police Blu-ray: $12.99



February 21, 2017

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