Oh, with the birthdays! Happy 91st to Jerry Lewis

'Oh, with the birthdays! Happy 91st to Jerry Lewis'


Olive Films would like to wish a very happy birthday to one of our favorite comedic minds, Jerry Lewis. We have some true gems from his career that highlight his ability to make us laugh while touching our hearts, including 4 of his collaborations with director Frank Tashlin. Whether you’re a diehard or casual Jerry Lewis fan, we’re sure you can find something of his in our catalog that will thrill you! Take a look at some of them below.



Dog walker Norman Phiffier (Jerry Lewis) is in love with Barbara Tuttle (Jill St. John), an elevator operator in her parents’ department store. Barbara’s conniving mother Phoebe (Agnes Moorehead) disapproves of the couple and is determined to break up her daughter’s romance with the incompetent boob. With hidden ulterior motives, Phoebe hires Norman to work in her department store. Despite the impossible requests of Mr. Quimby (Ray Walston), the store manager, Norman manages to do an admirable job in his own slapstick manner. A film filled with great sight gags, includes a hilarious vacuum cleaner demonstration that naturally goes awry (check out that famously zany scene here). This was the seventh of eight collaborations between Jerry Lewis and director Frank Tashlin.

Did you know?: In the film, Norman Phiffier had held down jobs as a caddy and a TV repairman. These are jobs that Jerry’s characters held in earlier films: The CaddyRock-a-Bye Baby, and It’s Only Money.

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In a loose remake of Preston Sturges’ classic The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek, goofy TV Repairman Clayton Poole (Jerry Lewis) becomes an unexpected father of three infant girls. The girls are the children of his childhood sweetheart, now a famous actress, Carla Naples (Marilyn Maxwell). She must temporarily give up the children to protect her career and star in a major Hollywood production. It’s triple the hijinks, triple the fun, and triple the laughs! Whether it’s changing the diapers, warming the bottles or singing off-key lullabies, this in-over-his-head nanny will have you laughing ‘til it hurts. Watch “Dormi-Dormi-Dormi,” beautifully performed by Jerry and Salvatore Baccalone, in the film here. This was the third of eight collaborations between Jerry and director Frank Tashlin.

Did you know?: Jerry Lewis’s son Gary Lewis makes an appearance in the film as young Clayton. Jerry Lewis’s father Danny also played a small part, although it was cut from the final version of the film. Three generations of Lewises!

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25-year-old orphan Lester March (Jerry Lewis) is a radio and TV repairman who dreams of someday becoming a private detective like his friend and role model Pete Flint (Jesse White). One night, Lester sees a report on TV about the elderly owner of a successful electronic empire who’s searching for her missing nephew… the heir to her estate. Lester decides to take on the case, when he pays a visit to the woman’s estate, however, more than one person remarks that he looks an awful lot like her missing nephew. The lady’s crooked lawyer has different plans for the fortune and tries to stop Lester from solving the case. This was the sixth of eight collaborations between Jerry Lewis and director Frank Tashlin.

Did you know?: Zachary Scott, an iconic character actor known for his villains, gave his final performance in this film.

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Struggling magician The Great Wooley (Jerry Lewis) and his lop-eared partner Harry Hare plan to dazzle audiences with magical feats during their USO tour of Japan and Korea. Jerry combines his trademark antics with a compassionate central story: an orphaned Japanese boy is drawn out of his shell by the magician’s humor and caring. The film features the Los Angeles Dodgers and Suzanne Pleshette’s screen debut as young soldier with a soft spot for Jerry. The Bridge on the River Kwai star Sessue Hayakawa appears as the boy’s grandfather who just happens to be building a miniature version of the bridge from the classic film. This was the fourth of eight collaborations between Jerry and director Frank Tashlin. Watch the trailer here!

Did you know?: The exhibition baseball game scene was filmed at Wrigley Field — no, not the one you’re probably thinking of — the Minor League ballpark in Los Angeles (actually named before the one in Chicago).

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Fasten your seatbelt! Adapted from the stage to the screen, the film follows the lives of American journalist Bernard Lawrence (Tony Curtis) and his friend and fellow journalist Robert Reed (Jerry Lewis) in Paris. Bernard, the ultimate bachelor, is juggling romances with three different stewardesses who just happen to have three different schedules and nationalities. Robert is scheming to take over for his buddy after Bernard’s job relocates him to another country. The three luscious flight attendants are played by French Dany Saval, German Christiane Schmidtmer and British Suzanna Leigh. And “that old Brooklyn buzz saw, Thelma Ritter, steals the picture” (The New York Times) as their wisecracking housekeeper. Directed by television veteran John Rich (All in the Family). Watch a quick scene showing a relatively restrained (but still funny) performance from Jerry here.

Did you know?: After 17 years of working together, this was the final film that Jerry Lewis made for Paramount.

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March 16, 2017

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