Olive Films Announces June 2017 Titles

'Olive Films Announces June 2017 Titles'


Whatever your tastes are, we’ve got the perfect films to fulfill your summer viewing needs: an under-appreciated oddity from one of our favorite auteurs, the ultimate girls’-night-in flick, a classic comedy, a Cannon Group film, and a Slasher Video guilty pleasure. These will all be available on DVD and Blu-ray on June 27th, and you can preorder them now through the links given below!



Transferred and restored from original Vistavision negative.

Written for the screen by Nicholas Ray (Johnny Guitar) and adapted by Hans Ruesch from his novel Top of the World, The Savage Innocents, directed by Ray, features Anthony Quinn (Zorba the Greek) as Inuk, an Eskimo on the run from the law, wanted for the murder of a local priest.

With the frozen tundra as a metaphor for the isolation of an indigenous people, where the rules of the white man subvert their traditions, director Ray creates the thinking man’s adventure film with the brutal and powerful The Savage Innocents.

The Savage Innocents features a stellar supporting cast that includes Yoko Tani (My Geisha), Carlo Giustini (El Cid) and Peter O’Toole (Lawrence of Arabia) and is photographed by Aldo Tonti (Federico Fellini’s The Nights of Cabiria, Luchino Visconti’s Ossessione) and Peter Hennessy (Carry On Sergeant).

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH (with optional English subtitles)
VIDEO: 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio; COLOR

The Savage Innocents will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on June 27th.



This warm-hearted romantic comedy stars Phoebe Cates (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) and Bridget Fonda (The Godfather: Part III) as young girls on the loose in Myrtle Beach circa 1963.

Carson McBride (Cates), who’s counting down the days until her wedding, and Melaina Buller (Fonda), the capricious daughter of a preacher, will sneak away from home along with friends Caroline Carmichael (Annabeth Gish, Mystic Pizza) and Luanne Clatterbuck (Page Hannah, Gremlins 2: The New Batch) for big time fun and “shag” dancing on the south coast. Through romantic entanglements, broken hearts and some of life’s hard truths, these friends are in it for the long haul. Film critic Roger Ebert had this to say about Shag: “It has a charm based on its innocence, its conviction … the actors in Shag are some of the best of the younger generation in Hollywood, and they treat their material with the humor and delicacy it deserves.”

Shag, directed by Zelda Barron (Secret Places) and written by Robin Swicord & Lanier Laney & Terry Sweeney (based on a story by Lanier Laney & Terry Sweeney), features choreography by Kenny Ortega (High School Musical) and cinematography by Peter MacDonald (Solarbabies). Rounding out the cast are Robert Rusler (Sometimes They Come Back), Scott Coffey (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Tyrone Power, Jr. (Cocoon), Donald Craig (Gang Related) and Shirley Anne Field (Alfie).

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH (with optional English subtitles)
VIDEO: 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio; COLOR

Shag will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on June 27th.



In debt to New York bookie Jumbo Schneider (Sheldon Leonard, It’s a Wonderful Life), low-rent gambler Honey Talk Nelson (Dean Martin, Bells Are Ringing) finds himself on the losing end of a proposition: fix a horse race or sleep with the fishes.

Enter Virgil Yokum (Jerry Lewis, The Geisha Boy), an apprentice veterinarian and Honey Talk’s cousin. Fixing the horse race may not be as difficult as originally imagined. But love will throw a wrench into the works when Honey Talk meets Phyliis Leigh (Marjie Millar, About Mrs. Leslie) the beautiful owner of the horse to be fixed.

It’s laughs, love and music in the glorious Technicolor comedy, Money from Home.

Money from Home, directed by George Marshall (Houdini) from a screenplay by Hal Kanter (adapted by James Allardice and Kanter from a story by Damon Runyun) features supporting performances by Richard Haydn (The Sound of Music) as a tipsy English jockey, Pat Crowley (Hollywood or Bust) as a veterinarian with eyes for Virgil, and Gerald Mohr (Gilda) as Phyllis’s jealous suitor.

Note: Throughout its release history, Money From Home has been presented to audiences in either its 3-D version or standard release version. At this time, Olive Films is releasing Money From Home in the standard version format. This presentation has been lovingly restored to highlight the Technicolor photography and timeless comedy of Martin and Lewis.

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH (with optional English subtitles)
VIDEO: 1.37:1 Aspect Ratio; COLOR

Money from Home will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on June 27th.


DÉJÀ VU (1985)

Anthony Richmond, the talented cinematographer behind Don’t Look Now and The Man Who Fell to Earth, directs Déjà Vu, a supernatural thriller starring Jaclyn Smith (TV’s Charlie’s Angels) and Nigel Terry (Excalibur).

Based on the Trevor Meldal-Johnsen novel Always, Déjà Vu features Jaclyn Smith and Nigel Terry in the dual roles of Maggie / Brooke and Greg / Michael. While attending a screening of a documentary showcasing the life and career of legendary ballet star Brooke Ashley, engaged couple Maggie and Greg are struck by the strong resemblance Maggie bears to the late dancer. And Greg comes to realize he shares a bond with deceased choreographer, Michael Richardson, who was romantically involved with Brooke. Is there a connection to these past lives? If so, will the truth behind Brooke’s tragic death prove fatal for them?

Written for the screen by Ezra D. Rappaport & Anthony Richmond and Arnold Schmidt from an adaptation by Joane A. Gil, Déjà Vu features Shelley Winters (The Night of the Hunter), Claire Bloom (The Haunting), Richard Kay (Three Sisters) and Frank Gatliff (The Ipcress File). Renowned composer Pino Donaggio (Dressed to Kill, Don’t Look Now) brings a lush, haunting score to the proceedings.

Déjà Vu will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on June 27th.


VICTIMS! (1981)

Two deranged killers. Four nubile women. Do the math.

When four women head out for a weekend in the wild to explore rock formations, little do they imagine the horror that awaits when they’re stalked by two serials killers.

What starts out as innocent fun – camping, skinny dipping, and exploring rocks – soon turns into a fight for survival in Victims!. Directed by Jeff Hathcock, Victims! is written for the screen by John O’Hara (based on the story Weekend by Richard Halli) and stars Ava Kauffman, Ann Richardson, Geri Schlessel, Pam Richards, Robert Axelrod and Lonny Withers.

Disclaimer: Victims is presented using the best available elements provided by Slasher // Video. Not sourced from an HD Master; upconverted to Blu-ray and DVD specifications.

-Audio commentary with director Jeff Hathcock and Slasher Video’s Jesus Terán
-Interview with director Jeff Hathcock
-Photo Gallery

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH (with optional English subtitles)
VIDEO: 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio; COLOR

Victims will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on June 27th.



June 20, 2017

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