August 2017 New Releases: Best Deals

'August 2017 New Releases: Best Deals'

August is a great month to be an Olive Films fan! From favorites like Ang Lee’s romantic tale with a twist, The Wedding Banquet, and Larry Cohen’s blaxploitation hit Hell Up in Harlem to classics like Orson Welles’s The Stranger and TV’s Flipper, we’ve got a little bit of everything to meet your late summer needs.

You may notice that some of today’s releases are out of stock in some places. If you’ve been having difficulties ordering our product from some online retailers, all should be back to normal soon. Remember: you can always order it directly from us — we’re not out of stock on any titles!

So, we’ve compiled this guide to help you find not only where our new releases are in stock, but where they’re in stock for the best prices.


The Wedding Banquet Blu-ray: $17.47
The Wedding Banquet DVD: $8.99


Hell Up in Harlem Blu-ray:  $12.99
Hell Up in Harlem DVD: $8.99


Flipper Season 1 Blu-ray: $17.47
Flipper Season 1 DVD: $15.99


Flipper Season 2 Blu-ray: $17.99
Flipper Season 2 DVD: $15.99


The Stranger Blu-ray: $17.47
The Stranger DVD: $11.99


The Island of Dr. Moreau DVD: $8.99


Dracula in Vegas DVD: $6.99


Spirits of the Somme DVD: $9.22


August 29, 2017

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