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'Pause It: Lord of the Flies'

PAUSE IT: What do you see? A pack of young schoolboys watches in awe as an island tree burns to the ground in director Harry Hook’s retelling of author William Golding’s masterwork, Lord of The Flies (1990). When their plane crashes into the ocean, a group of schoolboys is forced to evacuate to an uninhabited … Continue reading Pause It: Lord of the Flies

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March 26, 2018

'Pause It: Hair'

PAUSE IT: What do you see? A montage of four shots introduces a tribe of hippie protagonists in director Miloš Forman’s counterculture classic, Hair (1979). Character introductions play a key role in shaping our expectations and foreshadowing the themes, style, and direction of the story to come. In this particular case, how do these four … Continue reading Pause It: Hair

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March 21, 2018

'Olive Films announces April 2018 Titles!'

Hooray, spring is here! This April Olive Films showers you with three beloved titles from the ‘70s, ’80’s and ‘90s. In Joe, Peter Boyle delivers a chilling and darkly comic performance as a reactionary who takes justice into his own hands; director John Boorman’s autobiographical Hope and Glory looks back on an English childhood amid … Continue reading Olive Films announces April 2018 Titles!

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March 16, 2018

'Color Palette: Lord of the Flies'

Olive Films’ theme of the month, “Tradition,” continues with Lord of the Flies (1990). Plane crash survivors, young military school cadets on an overseas trip, make their way on a life raft to a remote, tropical island. At their backs is a particularly vibrant pink and purple sky at sunset. While sunsets are ordinarily serene, there’s something … Continue reading Color Palette: Lord of the Flies

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March 13, 2018


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