Olive Films announces April 2018 Titles!

'Olive Films announces April 2018 Titles!'

Hooray, spring is here! This April Olive Films showers you with three beloved titles from the ‘70s, ’80’s and ‘90s. In Joe, Peter Boyle delivers a chilling and darkly comic performance as a reactionary who takes justice into his own hands; director John Boorman’s autobiographical Hope and Glory looks back on an English childhood amid the horrors of WWII; and in the quirky and delightful Mermaids, Cher, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci star as an eccentric mother-daughters trio.

These titles will all be available to own on April 24th. Preorder now!


JOE (1970)

PETER BOYLE (Taxi Driver, Young Frankenstein, TV’s Everybody Loves Raymond)
SUSAN SARANDON (Dead Man Walking, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Atlantic City)
DENNIS PATRICK (Chances Are, The Air Up There, TV’s Dark Shadows)
AUDREY CAIRE (They Saved Hitler’s Brain, The Madmen of Mandoras)
K CALLAN (American Gigolo, A Touch of Class, The Onion Field)

Directed by JOHN G. AVILDSEN (Rocky, The Karate Kid, Save the Tiger)

“I’m the ‘Joe’ everbody’s talking about,” heralded movie print ads for director John G. Avildsen’s (Rocky) film Joe, proving that there’s truth in advertising. The modestly budgeted film would go on to become a multi-million-dollar box-office success, garnering an Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay.

Peter Boyle (TV’s Everybody Loves Raymond) stars as Joe Curran, the titular everyman and unabashed hippie-hater. Joe, who equates hippies with everything un-American, finds a kindred spirit in Bill Compton (Dennis Patrick, Chances Are), an advertising executive who makes Joe’s acquaintance at a neighborhood bar, boasting that he killed a drug-dealing hippie (Patrick McDermott, The French Connection). Bill, pressed for facts by the intrigued Joe, recants saying that he was merely joking. But when a news report confirms the incident, vigilante justice akin to Taxi Driver is set in motion.

Joe, directed by John G. Avildsen, written by Norman Wexler (Serpico) and featuring the screen debut of Susan Sarandon (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), also stars Audrey Caire (They Saved Hitler’s Brain), and K Callan (American Gigolo).

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH (with optional English subtitles)
VIDEO: 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio; Color

Joe will be available on DVD and Bluray on April 24th.



CHER (Moonstruck, Silkwood, Mask)
WINONA RYDER (Heathers, Beetlejuice, Stranger Things)
CHRISTINA RICCI (The Addams Family, The Ice Storm, Black Snake Moan)
BOB HOSKINS (Mona Lisa, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Long Good Friday)
MICHAEL SCHOEFFLING (Sixteen Candles, Vision Quest, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken)

Directed by RICHARD BENJAMIN (Racing with the Moon, My Favorite Year, The Money Pit)


LANGUAGE: ENGLISH (with optional English subtitles)
VIDEO: 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio; COLOR

Mermaids, directed by Richard Benjamin (My Favorite Year) and based on the novel by Patty Dann, features Academy Award® winner Cher (Actress – Moonstruck, 1988) as Rachel Flax, the eccentric matriarch of the Flax family that includes daughters Charlotte (Academy Award® nominee Winona Ryder, Supporting Actress – The Age of Innocence, 1994; Actress – Little Women, 1995), an awkward, quirky teen torn between her personal devotion to becoming a nun (despite being Jewish) and her longing for romance, and Kate (Christina Ricci, The Addams Family), a nine-year-old whose interest in swimming may be a result of an inherited gene from Rachel’s one-night stand with an Olympic contender.

This dramatic comedy also stars Academy Award® nominee Bob Hoskins (Actor – Mona Lisa, 1987) as Lou, Rachel’s latest flame, and Michael Schoeffling (Sixteen Candles) as Joe, a convent handyman and Charlotte’s love interest.

Mermaids was scored by Academy Award® winner Jack Nitzsche (Music, Original Song – An Officer and a Gentleman, 1983), photographed by Howard Atherton (Fatal Attraction), costumed by Academy Award® nominee Marit Allen (Costume Design – La Vie en Rose, 2008) with production design by Academy Award® nominee Stuart Wurtzel (Art Direction-Set Decoration – Hannah and Her Sisters, 1987).

Mermaids will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on April 24th.



SARAH MILES (Ryan’s Daughter, White Mischief, Blow-Up)
IAN BANNEN (Braveheart, Gandhi, The Hill)
JEAN-MARC BARR (The Big Blue, Breaking the Waves, Dogville)
SAMMI DAVIS (Four Rooms, Mona Lisa, A Prayer for the Dying)

Directed by JOHN BOORMAN (Deliverance, Excalibur, The Emerald Forest)


LANGUAGE: ENGLISH (with optional English subtitles)
VIDEO: 1.66:1 Aspect Ratio; COLOR

Hope and Glory, John Boorman’s (Deliverance) autobiographical film is a nostalgic and gently comic remembrance of England during the turbulent Blitz as seen through the eyes of 10-year-old Billy Rohan (Sebastian Rice-Edwards). While the beauty of the aircrafts and tanks holds endless wonders for the young boy, others know all too well the destruction they bring.

Navigating difficult times are mother Grace (Sarah Miles, Academy Award® nominee for Best Actress – Ryan’s Daughter, 1971), who finds herself head of the household when her husband is drafted; Billy’s sister, Dawn (Sammi Davis, Mona Lisa), whose romance and pregnancy with the dashing Canadian airman Corporal Carrey (Jean-Marc Barr, The Big Blue) is yet another challenge for the stoic Grace; and George (Ian Bannen, Gandhi), Billy’s curmudgeonly grandfather whose idyllic country home will open Billy’s eyes to a whole new world.

Written, directed and produced by Academy Award® nominee John Boorman (Director and Best Picture – Deliverance, 1973; Director, Screenplay and Best Picture – Hope and Glory, 1988), Hope and Glory is photographed by Academy Award® winner Philippe Rousselot (A River Runs Through It – 1993), costumed by two-time Academy Award® nominee Shirley Russell (Agatha – 1980, Reds – 1982) with production design by two-time Academy Award® nominee Anthony Pratt (Hope and Glory – 1988 shared with Joanne Woollard, Phantom of the Opera – 2005 shared with Celia Bobak).

Hope and Glory will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on April 24th.

March 16, 2018

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