PAUSE IT: What do you see? In The Weapon (1957), a young boy (Jon Whiteley), stands in the moonlight examining a gun. The boy has found the weapon in a bombed-out ruin and when the inexperienced child wields the firearm for the first time he accidentally shoots and wounds a playmate of his. Thinking his friend has died, the boy runs away from home. Frightened, hungry, and alone, the boy ends up wandering the streets of postwar England. In this beautifully shot British melodrama from director Val Guest, violence, innocence, and tragedy all come to a thrilling conclusion. No doubt, the effect the picture has on us is largely due to its stunning photography and cinematographer Reginald H. Wyer pours his soul into each frame. Pictured above is the solitude of a silhouetted figure. A silhouette is an image which is created by placing a figure before a concentrated hard lighting source. The light should come from behind the subject much like the way a solar eclipse functions. Just as when witnessed in the celestial skies above, the results of a well-executed silhouette can result in spectacular imagery.

Director: Val Guest, Hal E. Chester
Cast: Jon Whiteley, Steve Cochran, Lizabeth Scott, George Cole
Cinematography by: Reginald H. Wyer
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