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Featured Films

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  • Panther Girl Of The Kongo

    Directed by: Franklin Adreon
    1954, 1.37:1 Aspect Ratio; B&W, English
    Edition: DVD, Blu-ray

    The jaw-dropping, eye-popping, edge-of-your-seat exploits of the fearless Panther Girl are brought vividly to life in the Republic Pictures serial Panther Girl of the Kongo starring Phyllis C...

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  • Wagon Tracks

    Directed by: Lambert Hillyer
    1919, 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio; B&W (with Color Tinting), Silent With English Intertitles
    Edition: DVD, Blu-ray

    Wagon Tracks is a film brimming with adventure, romance and frontier justice, starring the king of the silent film westerns, William S. Hart (Wild Bill Hickok, Tumbleweeds).Bucks...

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  • Hannie Caulder – Olive Signature

    Directed by: Burt Kennedy
    1971, 2:35:1 Aspect Ratio; COLOR, English
    Edition: DVD, Blu-ray

    Revenge is a loaded gun in director Burt Kennedy’s (The Train RobbersHannie Caulder. Raquel Welch (One Million Years B.C., 100 Rifles, and Myra <...

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  • Macbeth – Olive Signature

    Directed by: Orson Welles
    1948,1950, 1.37:1 Aspect Ratio; B&W, English
    Edition: DVD, Blu-ray

    Something wicked this way comes in Orson Welles’ cinematic retelling of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Welles stars as the titular Macbeth—a doomed Scottish lord tragically undone by ...

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  • The Quiet Man - Olive Signature

    Directed by: John Ford
    1952, 1.37:1 Aspect Ratio; Color, English
    Edition: DVD, Blu-ray

    Sean Thornton (John Wayne, Sands of Iwo Jima), an American boxer with a tragic past, returns to the Irish town of his youth. There, he purchases his childhood home and falls in love with the...

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  • The Day I Became A Woman (dvd)

    Directed by: Marziyeh Meshkini
    Color, Closed-captioned, Dolby Digital Sound, Letterboxed, Farsi
    Edition: DVD

    “One is not born, but rather becomes a woman.” - Simone De Beauvoir Simone De Beauvoir’s exquisite pronouncement on the social construction of gender in her Second Sex (1949) spoke ...

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  • Smooth Talk

    Directed by: Joyce Chopra
    1985, 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio; Color, English
    Edition: DVD, Blu-ray

    Smooth Talk is director Joyce Chopra'’s (The Lemon Sisters) dramatic rendering of the Joyce Carol Oates short story “Where Are you Going, Where Have You Been?” starring Laura Dern...

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  • Parked

    Directed by: Darragh Byrne
    2010, Color, 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen, English
    Edition: DVD, Blu-ray

    Victim of the current recession, Fred Daly (Colm Meaney) lives a quiet, isolated life in his Parked car. His situation improves after he forms an unlikely friendship with Cathal (Colin Morgan), a dope...

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  • Love Exposure

    Directed by: Sion Sono
    2008, Color, 1.78:1 Aspect Ratio, Japanese
    Edition: DVD, Blu-ray

    Having grown in a devout Christian family and desperate to please his sin-obsessed Catholic priest father, young Yu (Takahiro Nishijima) a fairly normal kid who has no legitimate sins to confess decid...

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  • Bound

    Directed by: The Wachowskis
    1996, Color, Widescreen, English
    Edition: DVD, Blu-ray

    Corky (Gina Gershon), a tough ex-con and her lover Violet (Jennifer Tilly) concoct a scheme to steal $2 million of mob money and pin the blame on Violet’s crooked boyfriend, Caesar (Joe Pantoliano) ...

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  • Body And Soul

    Directed by: Robert Rossen
    1947, B&W, English
    Edition: DVD, Blu-ray

    John Garfield delivers as Oscar® nominated performance in this knockout story of driving ambition that stands as a classic of its genre. Garfield stars as Charley Davis, a strong-willed young prizefi...

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  • When We Leave (dvd)

    Directed by: Feo Aladag
    2010, Color, 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio, GermanTurkish
    Edition: DVD

    A German-born woman flees from her oppressive marriage in Istanbul, taking her son with her. She hopes to find a better life with her family in Berlin, but her unexpected arrival creates intense confl...

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  • Hollywood Shuffle

    Directed by: Robert Townsend
    1987, 1.85:1, Color And B&W, English
    Edition: DVD, Blu-ray

    A satire on the ups & downs of being a black actor in Hollywood, Hollywood Shuffle writer/producer/director Robert Townsend (The Five Heartbeats) stars as Bobby Taylor, a young b...

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  • Uptight

    Directed by: Jules Dassin
    1968, Color, Anamorphic Widescreen, English
    Edition: DVD, Blu-ray

    Uptight is an updated remake of John Ford’s 1935 film, The Informer. Dublin becomes the Cleveland ghetto and the Irish Republicans are replaced by black revolutionary fighters. Days after t...

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