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    A Black Veil For Lisa
    • UPC: 887090112307(DVD) , 887090112406(Blu-Ray)
    • Cat #: OF1123(DVD) , OF1124(Blu-Ray)
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    In A Black Veil For Lisa, John Mills (Ryan’’s Daughter) is Franz Bulon, a police inspector intent on bringing down a major drug ring operating in Hamburg. Thwarted at every turn by an assassin who is systematically killing informants, jealous of his beautiful, younger wife Lisa (Luciana Paluzzi, Thunderball) and suspecting her of having an affair (is it real or imagined?), Bulon can scarcely focus on his work.

    With jealousy nearing the boiling point, Bulon hires Alex (Robert Hoffman, The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe), the assassin he’s arrested for the recent informant murders, to kill his wife. With nods to both Alfred Hitchcock (Vertigo) and Henri-Georges Clouzot (Diabolique), the film builds on the suspense from scene to tension-filled scene.

    Directed by Massimo Dallamano (Dorian Gray director and the cinematographer of Sergio Leone’’s A Fistful of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More), A Black Veil For Lisa co-stars Tulio Altamura (Blood For A Silver Dollar), Carlo Hinterman (Women Of Devil’’s Island) and Enzo Fiermonte (Grand Prix).

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