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Adventures Of Captain Fabian


Actors : Agnes Moorehead, Errol Flynn, Micheline Prelle, Vincent Price

Director : William Marshall

Rated : NR (Not Rated) – mature audience only

Region Code : Region 1/A

Languages : English

Video : 1.37:1 Aspect Ratio; B&W

Runtime : 100

Year : 1951

Format :


Errol Flynn brings considerable machismo to the role of the Captain Michael Fabian in Adventures of Captain Fabian, a romantic, swashbuckling adventure filled with intrigue. Set in 1860 New Orleans, Adventures of Captain Fabian tells the story of Lea (Micheline Presle) a French Creole maid who seeks revenge against the Brissac family, monied bluebloods who have wrongfully framed her for murder. Coming to her aid is the handsome and daring Captain Michael Fabian (Errol Flynn), whose personal animus propels the plot toward a spectacular finale. Vincent Price is cast as George, the weak willed Brissac nephew, with Agnes Moorehead, playing against type, providing comic relief as Lea’s confidant, Aunt Jezebel.


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