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    Alice’s Restaurant
    • UPC: 887090094900(DVD) , 887090095006(Blu-ray)
    • Cat #: OF949(DVD) , OF950(Blu-ray)
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    Singer/songwriter Arlo Guthrie stars in Alice’s Restaurant, directed by Arthur Penn (Bonnie & Clyde, The Miracle Worker) from a screenplay by Penn and Venable Herndon. Guthrie, using his musical monologue Alice’s Restaurant Massacree as a template, and under Arthur Penn’s assured direction, Alice’s Restaurant is a free-flowing, free wheeling, counter-culture comedy set during the turbulent 60’s adapted from Guthrie’s musical monologue Alice’s Restaurant Massacree. Guthrie portrays the embodiment of America’s youth, a young man who sees his life beginning to unravel through psychedelic drug -fueled haze, as he and his friends (and the plot) spin toward an explosive conclusion. Alice’s Restaurant also features James Broderick (Dog Day Afternoon) and musician Pete Seeger as Himself.


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