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Lady for a Night

Lady for a Night

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    Cinco De Mayo
    • UPC: 887090701709(DVD),887090701808(Blu-ray)
    • Cat #: ME017(DVD),ME018(Blu-ray)
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    Never give a recently fired professor a knife and a Day of the Dead mask. You’re just asking for trouble. But, let’s back up …

    Humberto Valdez AKA “El Maestro” (Anthony Iava To’omata) is teaching at a small town junior college and he takes his Chicano studies course seriously … perhaps a bit too seriously. With the exception of a lone student, El Maestro is considered by the pupils and faculty alike to be a joke and out of touch with the real world. “El Maestro” comes down with a bad case of “Aztec Blood Lust” after being fired. It’s a malady that has tragic side effects … for others. Possessed by a spirit to wreak havoc upon those who have taunted him, “El Maestro” becomes a one-man killing machine. Has an evil spirit truly possessed “El Maestro?” Or, has the pressure of entertaining on the holiday caused him to snap? Can he be stopped? To find out you’ll have to watch Cinco de Mayo … if you dare.

    Slasher // Video presents Cinco de Mayo, directed by Paul Ragsdale and starring Lindsay Amaral (Johan Jello: Attack of the Killer UFOs), Juan Botello (George Bidell, CPA), Kyle Duval (Alleycat) and Anthony Iava To’omata as “El Maestro.”

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