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Private Hell 36

Private Hell 36

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    Hal Hartley’s Flirt spans three continents, three languages, three races, two sexual orientations and an infinitely comic variety of misunderstandings. The film begins in New York City with the story of Bill (Bill Sage), whose girlfriend (Parker Posey) gives him an ultimatum a few hours before leaving for a trip to Paris: make a commitment or end the relationship. Flirt then proceeds to tell a variation of the same basic story two more times: in Berlin, where the central character is Dwight (Dwight Ewell), a young black American unable to settle down with his boyfriend, Johan, an older German art dealer; and in Tokyo, where a dance student named Miho (Miho Nikaido) is torn between her teacher/choreographer, Mr. Ozu (Toshizo Fujiwara) and her boyfriend, an American filmmaker. The fun of Flirt is in discovering the subtle alterations of character, setting, tone, and cinematic style as the film’s three parts gradually unfold. Flirt is engaging and comic, a highly original film that never takes itself too seriously. Artfully photographed by Mike Spiller (Henry Fool) and featuring cameo appearances by Hartley veterans Martin Donovan, Karen Sillas, Elina Löwensohn and Robert John Burke.

    SPECIAL FEATURES: SPECIAL FEATURE: • NYC3/94 – Short Film written and directed by HAL HARTLEY 1994 | 9 Minutes | Not Rated with DWIGHT EWELL | LIANNA PAI | PAUL SCHULZE | JAMES URBANIAK • Theatrical Trailer


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