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Three Texas Steers

Three Texas Steers

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    Heart Of America (DVD)
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    Ripped from today headlines, Uwe Boll’s provocative drama, Heart of America, is a searing indictment of a violent society and the pandemic of bullying. Mirroring the horrific Columbine High School shooting, the film reveals how a series of seemingly random events can escalate into a tragic denouement. Set at Riverton High School, in America’s heartland, teachers and students enjoy their last day of the school year unaware of the tragedy that is about to unfold. Two Riverton students, Danny Lynn (Kett Turton) and Barry Schultz (Michael Belyea), who have been the brunt of bullying, will exact their revenge against their tormentors and anyone who may stand in their way. Weaving a multi-layered story where the lives of students, teachers, parents and friends all intersect on a fateful and fatal day, director Uwe Boll and his cast of talented young actors bring insightful observations to a tale of senseless tragedy.


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