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Mad Dog Time

Mad Dog Time

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    Hell Up in Harlem
    • UPC: 887090136013 (DVD), 887090136112 (Blu-ray)
    • Cat #: OF1360 (DVD), OF1361 (Blu-ray)
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    He’s alive!?!

    Fred Williamson (Black Caesar) returns as the Godfather of Harlem in director Larry Cohen’s sequel to the blaxploitation hit Black Caesar.

    Recovering from an onslaught of bullets that would have killed a lesser man, Tommy Gibbs is out for revenge against DiAngelo (Gerald Gordon, One Man’s Way), a sleazy New York District Attorney with mob ties who set up the hit-gone-wrong. Tommy, with the aid of his father, Papa Gibbs (Julius W. Harris, Super Fly) is soon on the mend and putting his Harlem empire back on track. But there’s a catch. Could Tommy’s near-death experience have changed the man who was once called the “Overlord of the Underworld”? Is redemption stronger than temptation? All will be revealed in the action-packed sequel to Black Caesar featuring Gloria Hendry (reprising her role as Helen in Black Caesar), Margaret Avery (The Color Purple), D’Urville Martin (the returning Reverend Rufus of Black Caesar), Tony King (Shaft) and Bobby Ramsen (God Told Me To). Written, produced and directed by Larry Cohen (Black Caesar, Special Effects), Hell Up in Harlem is a Samuel Z. Arkoff presentation featuring a musical score by Fonce Mizell and Freddie Perren with songs performed by Edwin Starr.


    • NEW audio commentary with director Larry Cohen, moderated by Steve Mitchell, director of the upcoming documentary King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen.


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