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Dark Command

Dark Command

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    It Runs In The Family (Blu-Ray)
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    No stranger to navigating filmic family dramas (Six Degrees of Separation, Plenty), director Fred Schepisi shepherds three generations of the Douglas acting dynasty (Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas and Cameron Douglas) in the dramatic-comedy It Runs In The Family.

    Set in New York, the affluent Goldberg family is a living, breathing soap opera, with its strained father-son dynamic and marital issues. Mitchell Gromberg (Kirk Douglas, Spartacus) is recovering from a stroke; son Alex (Michael Douglas, Fatal Attraction) seems to have hit a mid-life crisis, questioning not only his work in the family-founded law firm, but his relevance within the family itself; and grandson Asher (Cameron Douglas, Mr. Nice Guy) simply put, is a lost soul.

    Rounding out the family dynamic is Mitchell’’s wife Evelyn (Diana Douglas, Plains, Trains and Automobiles) and Alex’’s wife Rebecca (Bernadette Peters, Pennies From Heaven) – two women who weather marital strife and familial discord while maintaining a cool composure.

    It Runs In The Family, written for the screen by Jesse Wigutow (Sweet Friggin’ Daisies), features supporting turns by Rory Culkin (You Can Count On Me), Michelle Monaghan (Gone Baby Gone), Sarita Choudhury (A Perfect Murder) and Annie Golden (Hair).


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