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Jean-Luc Godard’s : Histoire(S) Du Cinema (DVD)

$49.95 $37.99

Actors : Actors Stanley Price, Richard Webb, Lane Bradford, John Crawford,

Director : Jean-Luc Godard

Rated : NR (Not Rated)

Subtitles : English

Languages : English

Video : Color

Runtime : 266 minutes

Format :

Jean-Luc Godard transformed the face of cinema with his prolific, influential and revolutionary body of work which includes such classics as “Breathless”, “Weekend” and “Contempt” just to name a few. His video series HISTOIRE(S) DU CINEMA, consisting of eight episodes made over a period of ten years is an extraordinary look at the medium through the eyes of this unique filmmaker. Hugely ambitious in scope, the series covers a wide range of topics from the birth of cinema to Italian neo-realism to Hollywood and beyond. A dazzling montage of sight and sound, HISTOIRE(S) DU CINEMA features a diverse array of film extracts, the voices of – among others – Juliette Binoche and Alfred Hitchcock, and an eclectic music soundtrack ranging from Beethoven to Leonard Cohen.

Disc 1:
Part 1 (Chapter 1A) – Toutes les histoires//All the (Hi)stories (1988)
Part 2 (Chapter 1B) – Une histoire seule//A Single (Hi)story (1989)
Part 3 (Chapter 2A) – Seul le cinéma//Only Cinema (1997)
Part 4 (Chapter 2B) – Fatale beauté//Deadly Beauty (1997)

Disc 2:
Part 5 (Chapter 3A) – La monnaie de l’absolu//The Coin of the Absolute (1998)
Part 6 (Chapter 3B) – Une vague nouvelle//A New Wave (1998)
Part 7 (Chapter 4A) – Le contrôle de l’univers//The Control of the Universe (1998)
Part 8 (Chapter 4B) – Les signes parmi nous//The Signs Among Us (1998)


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