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    Messenger Of Death (Blu-Ray)
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    The brutal murder of three Mormon women and their children is just the tip of the iceberg as an investigative reporter digs into the seamy side of religious fanaticism and political corruption in the compelling crime drama Messenger of Death.

    Newspaper reporter Garret Smith (Charles Bronson, Death Wish) with the help of local editor Jastra Watson (Trish Van Devere, The Changeling) set out to solve the horrific murders which they believe may be linked to a fundamentalist sect whose excommunicated leader, Willis Beecham (Jeff Corey, True Grit) is considered a prophet. Garret and Jastra discover just how deep still waters run as clues and the list of possible suspects pile up, which includes the husband & father of the murder victims (Charles Dierkop, The Sting) and his estranged brother (John Ireland, Red River).

    Directed by J. Lee Thompson (Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects) from Paul Jarrico’s (The Face Behind The Mask) script (based on the book The Avenging Angel by Rex Burns), Messenger of Death co-stars Daniel Benzali (Dead Heat), Laurence Luckinbill (The Boys in the Band), Marilyn Hassett (The Other Side of The Mountain) and Tom Everett (Air Force One).

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