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Johnny Be Good

Johnny Be Good

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    Monte Carlo (DVD)
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    A 1986 major television event based on the novel by Stephen Sheppard. As World War II begins to rumble across Europe, Monte Carlo becomes the perfect refuge for the rich, the famous and international spies. Katrina Petrovna (Joan Collins), a glamorous and internationally famous cabaret singer leads a double life, she uses her sensuous charms to obtain war secrets and passes them to the British intelligence. Harry Price (George Hamilton) is an American Writer with a very bad case of writer’s block is vacationing in the gambling capitol of the world with Evelyn McIntyre (Lauren Hutton) a very rich and beautiful American divorcee. Also starring Malcolm McDowell as an Irish mercenary, Peter Vaughan as a German businessman and Gestapo spy, Lisa Elbacher as rich young American and Robert Carradine as an American Pilot.


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