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‘Neath The Arizona Skies


Director : Harry L. Fraser

Actors : George “Gabby” Hayes, Jack Rockwell, Jay Wilsey, John Wayne, Sheila Terry, Shirley Jean Rickert, Yakima Canutt

Rated : NR (Not Rated)

Region Code : Region 1/A

Languages : English

Subtitles : English

Video : 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio; B&W

Runtime : 52 mins

Year : 1934

Format :


With guns blazing, horses galloping and desperadoes doing what desperadoes do best, ‘Neath the Arizona Skies starring John Wayne (The Quiet Man) is the quintessential oater, employing the best of the western genre tropes.

Chris Morrell (Wayne), the kindly guardian to Nina (Shirley Jean Rickert, Hal Roach’s Rascals), a young half-Indian girl, sets out in search of her father in order to prove her birthright and lay claim to money she’s owed from her late mother’s oil lease.

Turns out that lawless cowboys Sam Black (Yakima Canutt, Rio Bravo) and Vic Byrd (Jack Rockwell, Cowboy from Lonesome River) also want to get their hands on Nina’s inheritance by whatever means necessary. Will Chris be able to find Nina’s father before Sam does? Will Chris find true romance with Clara (Sheila Terry, The Lawless Frontier), the sister of bank robber Jim Moore (Jay Wilsey, Rainbow Valley)? Will Nina ever stop whining? These questions and more will be answered in ‘Neath the Arizona Skies directed by Harry L. Fraser (Wagon Trail) from a story and screenplay by Burl Tuttle and co-starring George “Gabby” Hayes (Rainbow Valley).

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