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    Odds Against Tomorrow
    • UPC: 887090141512 (DVD), 887090141611 (Blu-ray)
    • Cat #: OF1415 (DVD), OF1416 (Blu-ray)
    • Select Edition:
    Availability: Title will become available on May 29. Preorder now to receive when available.

    Odds Against Tomorrow, Academy Award winner Robert Wise’s (West Side Story) taut film noir, stars Academy Award® nominee Robert Ryan (Supporting Actor, Crossfire – 1948) as Earle Slater, a racist ex-con looking to make a quick buck, and Harry Belafonte (Carmen Jones) as Johnny Ingram, a nightclub performer with gambling debts and in need of some cash.

    Recruited by disgraced cop David Burke (Ed Begley, Academy Award® winner for Supporting Actor, Sweet Bird of Youth – 1963) to help with a bank heist, Slater and Ingram become bitter allies in their greed and shared rage against the world. But a pivotal moment will send both men toward a cataclysmic outcome that is anything but black and white.

    Odds Against Tomorrow features supporting performances by Academy Award® winner Shelley Winters (Supporting Actress, The Diary of Anne Frank – 1960; Supporting Actress, A Patch of Blue – 1966) as Lorry, Slater’s apprehensive girlfriend, and Academy Award® winner Gloria Grahame (Supporting Actress, The Bad and the Beautiful – 1953) as Helen, Slater’s emotionally damaged neighbor. Written for the screen by Nelson Gidding (The Haunting) and Abraham Polonsky (Academy Award® nominee, Writing, Original Screenplay – Body and Soul, 1948), who due to the Blacklist was fronted by novelist John O. Killens, Odds Against Tomorrow is photographed by Joseph C. Brun (Academy Award® nominee, Cinematography, Black & White, Martin Luther – 1954) and edited by three-time Academy Award® nominee Dede Allen (Dog Day Afternoon – 1976, Reds – 1982 shared with Craig McKay, Wonder Boys – 2001).


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