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Sibling Rivalry (Blu-Ray)


Actors : Bill Pullman, Carrie Fisher, Ed O’Neill, Jami Gertz, Kirstie Alley, Sam Elliott, Scott Bakula

Director : Carl Reiner

Rated : PG

Languages : English

Video : 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio, Color

Runtime : 88mins

Year : 1990

Sibling Rivalry, director Carl Reiner’s (Fatal Instinct) homage to the classic slapstick crime comedy genre, stars Kirstie Alley (Madhouse) as Marjorie Turner, the dissatisfied wife of Harry Turner (Scott Bakula, TV’s Quantum Leap), a workaholic doctor more invested in medical charts than in his beautiful wife. Encouraged by her sister Jeanine (Jami Gertz, Twister) that an affair might be just the thing to break the monotony, a clandestine tryst with a handsome stranger (Sam Elliott, The Big Lebowski) ends on a low note when he dies from a heart attack. The comic twists and turns are just beginning when hotel guest Nicholas Meany (Bill Pullman, Spaceballs), who thinks that he may have accidentally killed said stranger, looks to Marjorie for help after finding her drivers license at the scene of the crime. Sibling Rivalry, written for the screen by Martha Goldhirsh, co-stars Carrie Fisher (Star Wars), Ed O’Neill (TV’s Modern Family), Frances Sternhagen (TV’s The Closer), Bill Macy (Serial) and Paul Benedict (Mandingo).