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The New Frontier

The New Frontier

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    Sins (DVD)
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    A 1986 major television event based on the Novel by Judith Gould. Helene Junot (Joan Collins) is powerful, wealthy, beautiful and the leading name in the world of fashion. Envied for her success, she is surrounded by enemies who seek to destroy her. A self-made entrepreneur, Helene is a woman with a past. Young Helene Junot (Catherine Mary Stewart) was raped and witnessed the murder of her pregnant mother at the hands of the Nazis as her younger brother and sister are cruelly torn away from her. In Paris, struggling to survive and by now grown to a sensual woman, Helene encounters Jacques, an up-and-coming fashion photographer, who sets her on the road to fame, molding her into the hottest model in France. Climbing the ladder of success, she becomes a designer and then director of one of Paris’ top fashion houses. After many failed marriages and relationships she’s reunited with her brother (Timothy Dalton), who has spent fifteen years in mental institutions, Helene’s lust for revenge continues and she’ll do anything in her power to destroy her enemies. Music by legendary composer, Francis Lai (Love Story).


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