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    Splatter: Architects Of Fear (DVD)
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    Disclaimer: Splatter: Architects of Fear, originally Shot On Video, is presented using the best available elements provided by Slasher // Video.

    An informative and entertaining “peek behind the curtain,” Splatter: Architects of Fear is a documentary that gives both the genre fan and the casual viewer alike a bird’s eye view of special effects and make-up wizards at work.

    Splatter: Architects of Fear offers that rare opportunity to witness a film as it’s being shot – in this case battling zombies, mutants and amazon women – as well as a chance to see the action on the other side of the camera by watching the talented craftsmen do what they do best to make audiences jump in their seats.

    Slasher // Video presents Splatter: Architects of Fear, directed by Peter Rowe, produced by Don McMillan, photographed by Robert Bergman with George Niblett and William J. Smith serving as executive producers.

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