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    The Fool
    • UPC: 887090119009(DVD) , 887090119108(Blu-Ray)
    • Cat #: OF1190(DVD) , OF1191(Blu-Ray)
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    A dramatic tale worthy of Dostoyevsky, The Fool tells the story of one man’’s
    fight against a corrupt political system. Dima (Artyom Bystrov, Break Loose)
    is a young man eking out a living in modern day Russia as a plumber’’s
    assistant while working to finish college. Called out late one night to inspect a
    leak at a derelict housing community, he discovers a major structural problem
    and a building on the verge of collapse. In his attempt to save the lives of the
    eight hundred residents, Dima will find himself drawn into a world of dark
    secrets and cancerous corruption, where politicians and power players live by
    their own code and where tragic consequences are but a grim afterthought.
    The Fool, written and directed by Yury Bykov (The Major, Live!), features
    Artyom Bystrov (Break Loose), Natalya Surkova (Our Own), Boris Nevzorov
    (The Major) and Yury Tsurilo (Hard to Be a God).

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