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The King and Four Queens (Blu-Ray)

$29.95 $21.99

Actors : Barbara Nichols, Clark Gable, Eleanor Parker, Jean Willes, Jo Van Fleet, Sara Shane

Director : Raoul Walsh

Rated : NR (Not Rated)

Languages : English

Subtitles : English

Video : 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio; Color

Runtime : 84 minutes

Year : 1956

Format :

Clark Gable (Gone with the Wind) stars as Dan Kehoe, a smooth-talking con man in hot pursuit of a gold fortune in the Raoul Walsh (White Heat) directed The King and Four Queens. Seeking the spoils of a heist gone bad by the McDade brothers, Dan sets about romancing each of their wives (Eleanor Parker, The Sound of Music; Jean Willes, Invasion of the Body Snatchers; Barbara Nichols, Pal Joey; and Sara Shane, Magnificent Obsession) in hopes that one of them knows where the gold is hidden. Jealousy among the women soon turns them against one another as they pursue the less-than-scrupulous Dan, all under the watchful eye of their quick-on-the-trigger mother-in-law Ma McDade (Jo Van Fleet, East of Eden).

Written for the screen by Richard Alan Simmons and Margaret Fitts (based on a story by Fitts), The King and Four Queens, filmed in CinemaScope by the renowned Lucien Ballard (The Wild Bunch) features a rousing score by Alex North (A Streetcar Named Desire).

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