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Good Sam

Good Sam

$24.95 $18.99

    Three Secrets
    • UPC: 887090046909 (DVD) , 887090047005 (Blu-Ray)
    • Cat #: OF469 (DVD) , OF470 (Blu-Ray)
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    Three Secrets is a darker variation of a theme first explored in A Letter to Three Wives. A plane crashes in the mountains of California; the only survivor is a five-year-old boy, who hovers between life and death. It is discovered that the boys was traveling with his now deceased adoptive parents. Susan Chase (Eleanor Parker), Phyllis Horn (Patricia Neal) and Ann Lawrence (Ruth Roman) wait in agony… years earlier, each of the three women had given up a baby son for adoption, with the same birth date as the injured child. Could it be that the little boy on the mountain is actually the son of one of the three women? And if so, how many painful secrets will be revealed in the next few hours? Directed by the great Robert Wise (West Side Story) and beautifully shot by Sidney Hickox (The Big Sleep).


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