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Red River Range

Red River Range

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    Too Late Blues
    • UPC: 887090039109 (DVD) , 887090039208 (Blu-Ray)
    • Cat #: OF391 (DVD) , OF392 (Blu-Ray)
    • Select Edition:
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    Too Late Blues was the second feature film directed by legendary director John Cassavetes (A Woman Under the Influence). After his pioneering independent film Shadows, Cassavetes made his major studio directorial debut with this gritty drama about jazz musicians. Music legend Bobby Darin plays a bandleader who scuffles from gig to gig with his band, trying to keep body and soul together without betraying his muse. Sex symbol Stella Stevens (The Nutty Professor) plays a would-be singer with a dark past who meets Darin at a party and joins his band. The two fall deeply in love, but their world comes crumbling down after Darin and his band are involved in a bar fight and Darin is overcome by fear and is unable to fight back… the humiliation causes him to reject her and his band mates. The stellar cast includes Vince Edward (TV’s Ben Casey) and Cassavetes regular Seymour Cassel (Minnie and Moskowitz).


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