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A Double Life

A Double Life

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    “John Waters would be proud.”

    A college writing assignment leads Tracy (Laura Lee Black, Preexisting Conditions) to explore her passion for film, especially the “trash” genre made infamous by John Waters. Her research leads her to the book Trashology, firing her imagination and guiding the viewer through a trilogy of horror, revenge and vigilante justice tales (The Vat, Big Debbie and Inglorious Bitches) paying homage to the man that started it all.

    Slasher // Video presents Trashology, written and directed by Brian Dorton (Theatre of the Deranged) and starring Laura Lee Black (Preexisting Conditions), Jenny Coulter (Preexisting Conditions), Rodney Horn (Tales of Poe) and Douglas Conner (Theatre of the Deranged).

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