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    Up the Junction
    • UPC: 887090075503(DVD) , 887090075602(Blu-Ray)
    • Cat #: OF755(DVD) , OF756(Blu-Ray)
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    Based on Nell Dunn’s iconic tale of life in London’s swinging sixties, Up the Junction is a memorable slice of British cinema starring Suzy Kendall (Tales That Witness Madness) as Polly and Dennis Waterman (TV’s The Sweeney) as her hard-up boyfriend, Pete. The tale is of a bored, young party girl who decides to cast off her affluent Chelsea lifestyle to move to the industrialized ghetto of Battersea. In search of realism, Polly takes a factory job where she befriends sisters Rube (Adrienne Posta) and Sylvie (Maureen Lipman) and moves into a rundown apartment in the area. She soon discovers the seedier side of life in an impoverished world of crime, desperation and questionable morality–a side of life that everyone but Polly is desperately trying to leave behind. This beautiful and haunting film was directed by cult-filmmaker Peter Collinson (Innocent Bystanders, The Italian Job).


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