What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?


Actors : Aldo Ray, Carroll O’Connor, Dick Shawn, James Coburn

Director : Blake Edwards

Rated : NR (Not Rated)

Region Code : Region 1/A

Languages : English

Video : 2.35:1; Color

Runtime : 116 min

Year : 1966


Blake Edwards (The Pink Panther) directs a stellar cast led by James Coburn (In Like Flint, The Great Escape) in the rollicking comedy What Did You Do In The War, Daddy? Sicily, World War II: A group of American soldiers assigned to occupy a Sicilian village find that the inhabitants have no resistance to being occupied, as long as they allowed to carry on with a planned festival and the ensuing celebration. Complications abound when Allied forces meet Axis powers with comic results. Blake Edwards, the man who brought to the screen The Pink Panther, A Shot in the Dark, Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Victor/Victoria, directs from a screenplay penned by William Peter Blatty (The Exorcist, A Shot in the Dark) with a cast that includes Dick Shawn (The Producers), Carroll O’Connor (TV’s All In The Family), Vito Scotti (The Godfather), Aldo Ray (We’re No Angels) and Harry Morgan (TV’s M.A.S.H.).

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